5 Great Tips For Moving Furniture Around Perth

5 Great Tips For Moving Furniture Around Perth

If you’re planning to move from Perth to the Eastern States, this article will help you move furniture safely If you have heavy furniture, you may need professional assistance to get it to your new home. Fortunately, there are some great tips to make moving heavy furniture easier.

Plan your move

First of all, make sure you plan the move. Start early and follow a schedule. It is also important to research your options. You can use removalists in Perth or rent a truck if you are doing the move yourself.

If you are planning to move your office or home around Perth, the first step is to get a quote from a moving company or several furniture removals companies. This way you have an idea of the average cost for a removals service. 

Use a furniture removalist

Moving furniture around Perth does not need to be expensive. If you can pack your furniture well, you can save money. Consider what space you have and stack your items on top of each other to maximize space. 

If you’re not sure how to pack your things, you can hire a professional furniture removalists company or use rail. While rail is the most convenient way to move, it can also be more stressful. You’ll need one or more shipping containers and interstate removalists can help you pack everything. 

Protect your furniture

Whether you’re moving to the Eastern States or Perth, it’s important to know how to move furniture safely. First, you’ll need to calculate the space available for the move. Then, you’ll need to carefully consider what you want to move. Depending on the size of your house, you may be able to stack some things on top of others, while others may have to be placed inside of another one. If you have a special dining table, it’s important to wrap it up in protective materials.

Another option is to sell the furniture. While this option can save you money, it isn’t always practical. Selling furniture can take time and may not even yield the desired outcome. It may also result in you selling the furniture for less than what it’s worth.

Use straps and tie downs

Whether you’re moving interstate or just moving closer to family, there are several things you need to consider. From moving pets safely to transporting your car across the country, it’s important to think about the safety and security of your belongings. Some furniture pieces are valuable and custom made, so you want to protect them. You’ll need to wrap these items with protective blankets to avoid damage during transit when furniture may move and rub against other furniture items. Heavy furniture should be placed on the bottom while lighter furniture needs to be placed on top. Remember to use quality straps with ratchets and tie downs if you are moving over a longer distance. Furniture is not made to be moved when assembled and that is why everything is flat packed when delivered. However, it is not always efficient to disassemble every piece of furniture for your move. So, the more you can tie down the less likely damage will occur during transit. 

De-clutter and donate

Before moving your furniture, it’s a good idea to declutter. This will make your move cheaper and easier. You may also be able to donate some of your unwanted items. Considering that about 43% of Australians are moving between homes, this industry represents a huge part of the Australian economy. In addition, Australia has one of the largest population mobility rates in the world. Simply by taking some time to go through your items and really question whether you need it moved with you to your new location or not will save you time and hassle later on. If you plan on buying a brand-new dining table or tv unit in your new house. Then depending on how far you are moving, maybe it is not cost effective to be moving your old dining table or tv unit. So, the best option maybe would be to sell the item off if it is in a good used condition or donate it to family, friends or even charities who are always looking for good condition used furniture.

With these few tips, you can make the move a lot cheaper. If you have the time to do it all yourself and if you are not moving far then a simple do it yourself with a rental truck may just do the trick nice and cheaply. However, doing it yourself does not come without risks. Without lifting furniture properly or even a misstep when holding a heavy piece of furniture item can be disastrous and put you out of work even before you have moved. So, if you can afford it, hire professional movers. You don’t want to try to move your furniture on your own as this can result in serious injuries. A good moving company will use sliders and moving equipment so they do minimal amount of lifting or have people to lift and carry heavy items.

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