What Beginners Should Know About eCommerce

e-commercepgThe biggest challenge you face as you race to put your existing business online or start a new electronic business (ie. eCommerce) online is where to start first. Most of the business people and entrepreneurs I speak with are simply overwhelmed with the amount of information available on the techniques and strategies required to start, promote and continually profit from a business online.

Although there are many Internet marketing courses being sold online (many are very good by the way), these courses are often more beneficial to the business person or entrepreneur who has already started their online business. These people already have a big picture of what they want to sell online and are using a shipping software for eCommerce that helps them accomplish it. They just need to fine tune their marketing skills and implement a few advanced marketing techniques to be profitable.

But what if you’re a business person who hasn’t started yet? What if you have no idea as to where to begin or what direction you should be going?

This is the problem you may be experiencing right now. You don’t have a website, you don’t have a product, you don’t have an eCommerce shipping software, and you haven’t yet identified a target marketing with a specific problem that you would like to solve. In short, you don’t know where to start first. This report will very quickly and easily show you where to begin. And if you already have an existing business in the offline world with an existing customer base, this report will help you put your offline business online.

How long will it take? You can be up and running in as little as one month.

How long will it take for you to be profitable? Well, that’s a tougher question to answer.

You could be profitable in less than 90 days if you follow ALL of the instructions I give you in this report. Or you may never be profitable if you do things the wrong way. And profitable simply means that you are making more money than you are spending. That could be as little as $100 or as much as $10,000 a month. Your success will depend on how quickly you implement and correctly apply the techniques you will learn today.

Before you get too excited about making money on the Internet with your existing offline business or starting a brand new business, don’t think for a second this one free report is the answer to being successful on the Internet. This report is only a beginners guide to help you start your online career. It frustrates me to hear people tell me they’ve spent money on one or two books, read a few free reports they found on the Internet and aren’t profitable online yet.


Yes, you will have to spend money on other books, software and tools to be successful online. I hate to scare you but this report is just the beginning of the education you must spend money on in order to be successful.

What To Look For In A Domain Host

Some Will Only Take Your Money And Not Help You Build Your Web Business!

The domain hosting business is funny. Most domain hosting company’s take pride in giving you massive amounts of web space. Newcomers to the Internet get suckered into that hype all the time. Some think that the more megabytes of space they have, the better.

b2b-ecommerce-software1-1024x579Well, let me tell you, space doesn’t make the sale. The content of the site makes the sale. Also, did you know that 10 MB of website space is about 750 pages? I don’t know about you but your business would have to be awfully high to fill up 750 pages. So you don’t need a web hosting service that offers 100 MB of space for $99 a year.

Here’s what you do need:

20 megabytes of space

This gives you about 1,500 pages. More than enough for expansion as your business grows.

10 Email Accounts

These accounts will all have your url as the extension to show people that your online business is very professional (ex: if your website is www.business-name.com, then one of your email accounts could be, webmaster@bussiness-name.com, joe@business-name.com, etc.)

Unlimited web page editing

Some web hosts will charge you additional fees if you edit your website over a certain data transfer amount. Make sure the host you sign with either has a very high data transfer limit (like 1 Gig of data per month) or no limit at all. Unlimited hits/traffic (data transfer): Did you know that some web hosts will hit you with additional monthly fees if your website gets too much traffic? It happened on one of my recent sites, Roof Repair Salt Lake City. Yes, they’ll just send you a bill one day in the mail saying that they charged your credit card an additional amount because your website received more traffic to it

Unlimited hits/traffic (data transfer)

Did you know that some web hosts will hit you with additional monthly fees if your website gets too much traffic? Yes, you’ll just send you a bill one day in the mail saying that they charged your credit card an additional amount because your website received more traffic to it then was allowed. Now, I thought a website was suppose to help your online business. Not penalize you for doing well.

That’s why I say to watch out for those budget web hosting company’s. They may give you a very low rate (like $99 or $149 per year), but some will hit you on the head with hidden charges to make up the difference. OUCH!

Unlimited phone and email technical support

Look for a host that will answer your email questions in 24 hours flat. They should also have a real phone number so you can call and speak to a human person to solve any technical problems you are having with your site.

Access to marketing resource information

Your web host should not just take your monthly or yearly fee and say, “Good Luck!” They should also provide access to marketing reports and information to help you be a better online marketer.

Traffic generation assistance

I’ve saved the best for last. Without traffic, your web business is dead in the water. Traffic is like oxygen, without it you die. So make sure the web host you sign with helps you generate traffic to your website. Of course most web hosting companies do very little to help their clients generate traffic. Most are just happy to get your monthly or yearly fee. Very shortly, I’ll tell you about a web hosting company that does help you get traffic.

Be careful as far as traffic generation is concerned. I had a domain hosting company promise to put my commercial roofing link on their “Special and Private Links” page back to my site to help you generate traffic. What good is that link a month later when they sign up 100 or so more clients and now your link is way at the bottom. How many people do you think will actually read that far down the page to find your link and visit your site. Not many…not many!

WordPress Ecommerce Theme Review – Kallyas

e-commerce-features-overviewIf you choose WordPress for your small or medium business e-commerce website then its very good decision. WordPress will increase your work 10 times faster.

WordPress Ecommerce Theme Kallyas Review

This theme has the maximum feature that an e-commerce website needs. As this is WooCommerce optimized then this theme is the best choice for WordPress e-commerce website. If you want to know about a theme that the theme is good for your WordPress e-commerce based website then you should know some matters. First, try to know about the developer of that theme. Then, try to know about the theme like it’s rating or reviews or how many times that theme sold out etc. matters. Then try to know about the admin panel of that theme and then try to know some live demo of that theme. Then you decide that which theme is best for your WordPress eCommerce website.

Important information about this theme:

• Theme is from Themeforest.
• Theme is featured on Themeforest themes.
• Developed by elite author on Themeforest.
• Theme cost $55.
• Sold out 9567 time.
• Support Board available.
• Important comments from purchaser and guests.
• Buyer rating is 4.53 based on 1186 ratings.
• Created on February 23, 2013.
• Last updated February 15, 2014.
• Compatible with IE8, Firefox, Safari, opera, Chrome.
• Latest WordPress 3.8 compatible.
• Documentation available.
• Layout – Responsive.
• Widget Ready theme.
• Facebook like 521, twitter follower 25, Google +1-20 times, pin it – 25 times for this theme.

Theme Features

• Customizable amazing page builder
• SEO – Well optimized
• WPML – Available
• Translation – Accessible
• Headers – unlimited
• Colors – Unlimited
• WooCommerce – Integrated
• Demo data- Dummy data available.
• Unlimited variation in homepage
• Versions – Dark and Light
• Slider – Huge modern slider
• Many custom pages
• Cleanness in design and code
• Super flexibility in this theme
• Complete featured theme like blog, e-commerce, corporate, technology, retail, entertainment and creative and many more.
• Powerful Admin panel with lots of options.
• Newsletter integrated like MailChimp
• Bonus Page header – Christmas and Easter
• Photo gallery available
• Dynamic contact form with PHP

Admin Panel Details

• General Option – Logo, favicon, font, WPML, Header, Footer, Default Header, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Facebook Options are available.
• Blog option – Archive options (Blog Columns, Archive Page Title, Archive Page subtitle, Archive Sidebar Position, Archive Default Sidebar) and Single Blog Item Option (Default Sidebar Position, Single Post Default Sidebar, Show Social Share Button). This option is mainly for blog style settings
• Page Option – Page Sidebar Position, Page Default Sidebar, Enable Page Comments.
• Portfolio Options – Portfolio Archive Style, Portfolio Items to Show, Portfolio Items Per Page, Number of Columns.
• Layout Option – Responsive Options, Use Box Layout, Homepage Boxed layout, Content Size.
• Color Option – Main Color, Menu Default Color, Top Nav Default Color, Top Nav Hover Color, Content Background Color, Content Background Image, Grey Area Background Image, Grey Area Background Color, Color Style.
• Unlimited Headers – Header Style Generator (Header Style Name, Background Image, Header Background Color, Add Gradient Over Color, Animate Background, Add Glare effect, Bottom style.
• Unlimited Sidebars – Add new Sidebar.
• Coming Soon Option – Description, Launch Date, MailChimp List ID, Social Icon Title, Social Icon Link, Social Icon.
• 404 Page – Header Style.
• WooCommerce Options – General Options (Show MY CART in header, Show new items badge, Days to show badge), Categories Page (Days to show badge, Shop Archive Page Subtitle, Shop Archive Sidebar Position, Shop Archive Default Sidebar.
• Advanced – Themeforest Username, Themeforest API, and Custom CSS, Install Dummy Data.