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What to Do When Problems Arise With Your Rental Property

Most problems with renters can be avoided by choosing tenants carefully. When they call, question them to make sure they can pay the rent. Have prospective tenants fill out a thorough application. And let them know you always do a background check. Then follow through and check every detail.

Have them sign a detailed lease that spells out what you will do for them and lists what you expect from them. Let them know you are fair but you enforce the terms of the lease.

Let them know you will be there often to check on things and they can always call you if they have a problem. Take care of the necessary repairs as soon as possible. Then take action right away if they break the rules.

Understand that problems happen and be familiar with the rental laws in your area. Find out the eviction laws in your state and be prepared to use them if you have to.

If your tenant breaks the terms of his lease, give him a written warning. State the provision in his lease that he is violating and give him a time limit to fix the problem. Ask for a written response.
Now the tenant can’t say he wasn’t warned or that he didn’t understand the lease. And he can’t say he took care of the problem right away.

Usually that will resolve the situation. If you have to make repeated warnings, the record should convince a court to allow an eviction. The tenant can’t lie about the situation.

You also have to keep a written record of complaints the tenants make. Record what you did to solve the problem. You need to protect yourself because some renters will turn around and sue you for not maintaining the property.

If the rent is overdue, you need to give them a formal notice that they face eviction if it isn’t paid. The court house has forms you can use free. Don’t accept a partial payment. That would nullify an eviction. It’s necessary to do this right away, because a renter can put you off for months and then it takes time after that for an eviction.

You can’t keep too many records. Even take pictures of damages and repairs. Even the worst renter may win the sympathy of the court. You can count on a bad renter to know every single letter of the law. He may have a long history of practice scamming landlords.

If you have to go to a collection agency to collect back rent, check if you need a judgment from the court first.

Landlords sometimes complain to each other about repairs to rentals, but a bad renter can cause you more stress and expense than any repair.. Anything you have to pay to do a background check before you sign a lease with a renter will be worth every penny.

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