Tips for safe online shopping that you must know

Do you like shopping online? Electronic and cute children’s shoes at fairly cheap prices often tempt us. Know some of the safety tips for shopping online for the convenience and convenience of your shopping.

Behind the convenience of online shopping, there are those who use it to commit crimes. Began to sell fake goods, until the fraud of goods ordered did not reach the buyer. If you are looking for a trustworthy online store, please visit

Not to mention the risk if we transact using a credit card. It’s possible that our credit card was hacked and cloned.

The following are safety tips for online shopping for your needs and your family to avoid an irresponsible online shop.

  1. Make sure the online shop can be trusted

Good testimonials and reviews from buyers of an online shop can be a measure of whether the online shop is good or not.

These reviews can be obtained with the help of Google or Yahoo which usually refers to online shopping or social media discussion forums.

Pay attention to the web address of the online store to minimize the risk of information leakage. Is there a small lock icon in the upper right corner of the URL address? Sites that start with ‘’are safer than sites that only start with.’. As in the address of this site

  1. Read carefully the policies imposed by the shopping site

Often we ignore reading the “terms and conditions” that are on the online shop site.

Even though this is very useful if something unexpected happens. For example, it turns out that the item received is defective, how do you return it and the shipping costs charged to whom.

  1. Beware of very cheap items

It must be admitted that there are so many cheap branded goods in online stores. Be careful, don’t be easily consumed by this kind of online shop seduction.

Some things we need to pay attention to are:

  • Do not let the offer make us rush to make transactions and provide personal data, such as e-mail, passwords, credit card numbers.
  • Similar but not the same, look at the branded goods offered
  • Conduct a survey of the price of goods to be purchased,
  1. Read the product description to be purchased

Before deciding to buy a product, make sure you read the information or description related to the product first.

Do not let the product do not match what you want. If something is unclear, you can contact the seller concerned to find out more details about the product you want to buy.

  1. Choose the safest payment method

Safe tips for next online shopping is to prioritize payment methods with COD. If there is no COD service, the next option is to use a joint account.

The way the buyer will transfer to the intermediary if the item has been received by the buyer, the funds from the intermediary will be transferred to the seller.

Try not to transfer in advance, except that it is an online shop that is truly trustworthy. A good online shop using company accounts in transactions.

Almost all online shops apply for to credit card payments. Because at this time the more widespread theft of credit card numbers, use VCC (virtual credit card). Choose VCC issued by a trusted banking institution.

  1. Save proof of transaction

A good online shop will provide proof of transactions usually via email. Before the items purchased to arrive at home, it is better than all proof of the transaction in the form of an email order or proof of payment still be kept.

  1. Always use your own computer

Tips for safe online shopping on this one does seem difficult if you don’t have your own computer. Another alternative, do online transactions through your smartphone.

You need to do this because your financial security can be threatened if you make online transactions using a computer in someone else’s internet cafe or PC.

Install or install a number of software, such as anti-virus, anti-spyware or firewall so that your computer is protected from cybercrime.