Problem of Circulation in the Arteries

A human body is prone to diseases right before they are even born. After taking birth it attracts many more diseases causing microorganisms or any inbuilt diseases as well. If it is not any disease then a human body might also face some external accidents. So there are ‘n’ number of ways by which a human body could be effected.

There is one such disease in which the arteries and even the veins shrink. This causes the flow of blood to slow down or even form a stoppage for blood flow. The disease is known as peripheral artery disease (PAD). It is mainly a result of the collection of fat deposits in the blood vessels. It stops the blood to flow to the heart, limbs (legs and arms) and brain.

Symptoms of peripheral artery disease

There is no such particular symptom for this disease. But at times a slight pain might be felt while walking if the blood vessels of the legs are affected. The pain might be felt at places where there is an accumulation of fatty deposits in the body and had caused the arteries to narrow up. You could make an idea of how serious the condition is by noticing the difficulty of the pain you are facing. It might be a very mild pain or it might also be an intolerable one.

The symptoms also include pain in the hips, pain could also be felt in the muscles of the lower limbs after doing some work. You might also feel numbness or no sense in your legs or even the legs might feel weak. You might even feel your lower legs to be cold enough when someone else’s is not. There is a slow healing of any sores on your leg, feet and toes. You could notice the colour of your legs changing. When there is a very less or no circulation of blood in your legs then there would be slower growth of hair and toenails. You could not feel the pulse on your feet or legs if a condition of PAD exists.

How would you know that the peripheral artery disease is developing or it is in its advance stage? When you notice the pain which is not letting you to sleep or to take rest then you should be sure that the disease is developing or is in the advance stage. You might get some relief when you hang your legs out or if you walk for a little while.

What causes a peripheral artery disease?

A condition in which there is fat deposition on the walls of the blood vessels (veins and arteries mainly) that slows down the flow of blood is how peripheral artery disease is caused. There are several means which might rise up the risk of sustaining a disease like PAD. These means might be – an increase in cellulose in your blood, smoking could even be one of the means, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or a carrier of the family trait, aging up might be a mean as well and increase in the level of homocysteine. The disease might attack the smokers and the diabetes patient the most.

Prevention to PAD

There is some prevention that might form a guard of protection against the peripheral artery disease. If you do not want a disease which might form a barrier against your normal life style or against the activities you do then the first and foremost thing that you should do is to stop smoking. You must control your sugar level in the blood; you should take out some precious time from your busy schedule to do some exercise. It is always recommended to exercise in the morning right after you wake up and before starting off with any other work for the day. You should be careful with the cholesterol and must control it. You should always get your blood pressure checked at regular intervals. If you are having a high blood pressure then you should try to include less salt in your routine. Try to have food that contain low fat level and the last one is to maintain a proper weight.

When should you visit a physician?

There is no such particular time to visit a physician. But if you are having some difficulty while walking and could feel a pain or numbness in your legs or in your arms while working, then you should definitely visit a physician. Do not avoid doing so.

If you are a blood sugar patient then you should visit a doctor at time and again in spite of what your age is or if you are someone having high blood pressure then you should do the same or if you were a smoker and reached the age of 50 or if your age is above 65. These are the conditions when you should visit a doctor regarding peripheral artery disease.