Packing Fragile Items for Delivery

Hiring a professional courier service involves putting your trust in a number of people. Couriers are trained in how to handle fragile packages, but it is important for you to take measures to protect your items as well. By packing your fragile items correctly, you can ensure that the careful nature the courier handles your package pays off. There are many ways to pack a fragile item, depending on its type. Here are some tips on how to pack breakable items for shipment and ensure that they arrive at their destination in the same condition they were in when they left your care. 

Choose the Correct Container for Your Item

One of the most important decisions you can make for your fragile package is to choose the right container to ship it in. Whether you are using a long-distance carrier or a same day courier, you will need to choose carefully. The standard way to send an item is a cardboard box, but it is important to ensure that you are choosing a high-quality box made of thick, durable cardboard. 

Mark Your Package as Fragile

Any time you are sending a package that is considered fragile, you should place a distinguishable sticker that states “fragile” so the courier and company process it correctly. Select the proper padding and cushion for your item. When you are shipping fragile items, you should ensure that they are properly padded and cushioned inside of their box. By wrapping your item in bubble wrap and filling the box with foam peanuts, you can ensure that your item does not shift inside of the box, leading to breakage. You wrap your item in tissue paper and pad the box with crushed newspaper. Even though there are two options outlined here, choosing the right padding option for your shipment will ensure that it arrives in perfect condition. 

Packing Multiple Items? Pack Them Close Together

If you are packing more than one fragile item in the same box, make sure to pack the items close together. Surround the items with packing material and ensure they fit snugly into the box. Packing fragile items too loosely allows them to move, which risks breaking all of the items in the box. 

Consider Any Special Handling Needs

Are you shipping items that have special care needs? If you are, contact your courier to ensure that you are following their recommendations for packing that type of item and to ensure they are able to accommodate your needs. An example of this would be items that are sensitive to temperature or humidity. In this situation, many couriers recommend that you pack the item in a case that is considered hard-shelled. This will protect it from temperature changes and external elements. 

When you are shipping fragile items, their security rests in the way you package them. Packaging will make a difference in the condition your items arrive at their destination in great condition. By following these tips, you can be confident in how your package is handled, and how safe your fragile items are inside the box.