Important Facts about the Hip Hop Fashion of the 90s

Hip hop fashion is an integral part of the hip hop culture, and has advanced and changed in the last 30 years. The 1980s experienced the evolution of hip hop clothing, and the variety was actually brought to reckoning in the early 80s. It was first introduced in Bronx, somewhere in New York City.

In the beginning, the hip hop clothing was dominated by sneakers with fat or wide laces, numerous jewelry, Jeri curls, and sportswear. Companies such as Nike and Adidas were the popularly used clothes, as far as the hip hop scene is concerned, despite the fact that bomber jackets also form part of the hip hop culture.

Hip hop turned out to be more and more fashionable, and the clothes were also turning out to be less and less counter culture. Before long, even the so-called renowned fashion designers were going to the hip hop culture for inspiration concerning their liens of clothing.

Hip Hop Fashion in the Early 1990s

The hip hop fashion turned out to be impacted by traditional African dress in the early 90s. The head wear, big pants, and brilliant colors were all greatly impacted by this style of dress. Nike kept driving the sportswear side of the culture even as Michael Jordan turned out to be a big name in area of hip hop fashion.

Moreover, the starter Jackets turned out to be fashionable, and as a matter of fact was a status symbol in the midst of hip hop aficionados, as they were stolen from retailers more often.

The Baseball Caps

In the early 1990s, the baseball caps were quite notable in the midst of rappers, and were generally worn to the side or backwards. They were brightly colored, as predisposed by African dress.

The Gangsta Style

The Gangsta style that featured the baseball caps, plaid shirts, and Dickie jeans was introduced. Quite often, these clothes would match any color to maintain its support for any locality where clothing color was significant.

Gangsta style advanced towards styles developed in prison, like wearing black ink tattoos, jeans low and sagged, and bandannas, as the 90s moved forward. Trends such as wearing bowler hats, suits, and other clothes were developed by the elite side of hip hop, inspired by the gangsters of old.

The Throwback Jerseys

The Throwback jerseys were trendy later in the 90s, making the whole style moving more and more mainstream. In the present day, hip hop culture has turned out to be one of the dominating forces in the cultural backdrop of the 1990s.

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