Experience the Nightlife of Bangkok at These Famous Clubs

Nightlife is one of the most evident specialities of Bangkok. And, this is the reason most tourists want to experience it on their visit to Bangkok. Tourists hailing from conservative places, where nightlife is not a norm, may dangle between reluctance and eagerness. But, any Chennaite, planning to visit Bangkok or any other tourist destination, will surely like to have the list of places where they can spend their fun-filled nights. To make sure you do not miss your Chennai’s nightlife on your Bangkok trip, we have created a list of top nightclubs for you.

Hope you already have the information about Chennai to Bangkok cheapest flights and maybe you have booked your tickets too. So, here we go with a list of famous clubs to make your nights at Bangkok more enjoyable.

Levels – This is a nightclub especially famous with foreigners and expat Thais.  This huge clubbing venue is the part of the Sukhumvit Soi 11, a busy street packed with restaurants, bars and hotels. The main clubbing room is equipped with facilities like bottle serving on sofa tables, smaller tables throughout the hall and large centre bar. It is also equipped with a big dance floor and stage in front of the Dj Booth. For the smokers, there’s a large patio outside. If you visit the club on weekends, you’ll find an extra room at the back with two bars.

The Club – If you the type of person who hits nightclubs only to consume gallons of alcohol and get wild on the dance floor then ‘The Club’ situated at the Khaosan Road is the best choice for you. You should not expect anything that you can label ‘fancy’ if you decide to visit The Club. But, you can get drinks to your heart’s content at a very low price. And obviously, you’ll find a whole bunch of crowd of foreigners, expats and local college students going crazy just like you. The dance floor of The Club becomes lively each night due to the wildly enthusiastic guest visiting it.

CI LA VI – Did you say not my type after reading about The Club? Worry not! Bangkok has something for everybody. For the fancy people like you, Bangkok has its fancy nightclub CI LA VI. This is one of the classiest clubs in Bangkok which caters to the needs of sophisticated international guests and professionals. Situated on the 39th floor of Sathorn Square Tower, every bit of this nightclub is fancy and standard suiting with the taste of its visitors. The music gears here are obviously smoother, and international DJs are invited for special occasions. At one end there is the facility of sofa seat bottle service while on the other side is the smoking area with door opening to the outside patio.

Beam – Searching for a nightclub to let you lose on the dance floor? The beam is the name where your search ends. They offer some really special signature cocktails. But, the crowd gathered here mostly comes to dance on the beats. The dance area is very big, and no annoying tables and chairs are put here and there. This makes it a place loved by all dance lovers either coming as a tourist or the locals living there for ages. This is a great place for couples who do not want to literally drown in drinks but want to spend some fun-filled moments together. If you love smooth techno beats, stay on the lower floor of the club. And, if you are more inclined towards deep house and EDM beats then go on the upper floor.

Which one of these feels more enchanting to you? What’s your expectation of a nightclub? We would like to know your opinion.