Are Reproductions Like 1st Art Galleries Paintings Worth It?

Art is a lucrative and profitable business. According to the Association of Art Museum Curators, it is a multi-million dollar enterprise. A single painting ranges from a thousand to a million dollar. Even art reproduction is a big business. If you are planning to commission or reproduce a fine art, it is best to browse for reproduction websites to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

The first thing you have to do when finding the best reproduction site is to look for their contact numbers located on the website. Any reputable reproduction company has a clear contact number or email address clients can use to get in touch with them. You have to avoid websites that don’t have legit contact information. There are stories of fraudulent sites that sell poor quality painting reproduction services that has no return address or phone number. You can’t contact them in case there’s a problem with the art piece like damage from transit or poor quality painting. If ever there’s an email address, it suddenly goes unanswered, and since there is no physical address or phone number, there is nothing you can do. It is like throwing money in the drain. Lesson learned, make sure there is visible contact information displayed on the website. It is best to contact them first before doing business with them.

Another issue when conducting business with a reproduction company is if they comply with the copyright law. There are hundreds of companies that offer reproduction painting jobs online. Chances of copying a masterpiece that is still covered by copyright law are very high. Unauthorized reproduction of any art piece is illegal in many countries. Website or companies know this, and most fly-by-night sites that have no contact information do this illicit activity. According to the Design and Artists Copyright Society, both the buyer and the seller can be prosecuted if they are caught dealing copied art without any authorization from the artist. But there are some instances that a painting can be reproduced even if the copyright law covers it. For example, if the artist has been dead for 70 years, which means artists who died before January of 1940, their paintings or artwork can be reproduced without facing legal action for copyright infringement. But in cases where the late artist’s estate extended the copyright of their masterpieces, it will be illegal to reproduce or copy them. Reproduction companies should know everything about copyright law since they are dealing with a multi-million dollar art pieces and some of these artists don’t want their work to be copied. You don’t want to deal with companies that are painting copies illegally, don’t you?

If you are looking for a reproduction company to hire, you have to make sure to browse at their website. When buying a copied artwork, you have to make sure that the piece is of high quality. Some sites have a compare section where you can compare the copy version from the original piece. Since most of the reproduction companies are found online, you have to make sure that you will get the best piece even if it is just a copy of the original.

As they said, cheap art is not good, and good art is not cheap. So when you find a quality copied artwork, make sure to pay according to the quality and don’t get cheap. A simple Google search will give you an estimate on how much a reproduction costs. Some Van Gogh oil paintings cost $20, and a perfect reproduction can go as high as a thousand bucks. These copies are not museum quality paintings; they are just for decorations. Paying something above $1000 is too much. Make sure to research before buying any piece of artwork so you will have an idea how much they cost.

In today’s digital world, a review is everything. From hotels, restaurants, transportation to a simple supermarket, people always read reviews from other people before buying an item or getting the service of any company. If a reproduction company doesn’t have a comment section or a review here page, there’s a higher chance that the company is fake or their products don’t have good quality. Always read the reviews, testimonials or client’s comments. You also have to be wary about one-sided comments or reviews. There’s a chance that the company posted them to attract new clients and so it is biased and not an honest review.