When You Know There Are Issues with Your Torque Converter

It is a good idea to have an idea as to what symptoms signify an issue with your torque converter. Here are some things to look out for to know if you are having Torque converter problems: the transmission surging or slipping, problems when you attempt to switch gears and unusual engine noise. When considering the transmission aspect of the torque issue, keep in mind that the torque converter pressure allows the hydraulic fluid to pump through the transmission accordingly.

When the converter is experiencing problems, the surging and slipping occurs. Another indication that this is happening is in the area of acceleration. A car will experience poor acceleration such that it will feel like you are pressing all the way down on the gas pedal and the car is barely moving. When you go to switch gears, it will seem like the car is struggling to get into gear. The unusual engine noises that you could hear that could give cause for alarm will sound like knocking or whistling. These symptoms are not an exhaustive list that can signal problems.

A list of six signs that you can also look for are: the gears in the transmission slip, your car doesn’t accelerate properly, your car doesn’t shift gears easily, your transmission surges or lags, your car shudders, and/or your transmission fluid is dirty. As can be gathered from the previous reference, the drivability is impacted when the torque converter is not operating properly.

Of the six signs mentioned here, the transmission surging or lagging is quite noticeable. When you are driving, and this happens it will feel like your car is either revving up or barely trying to move. You can be at a red light and then now it is time to go because the light has turned green, you press on the gas pedal and all you hear is what sounds like the revving of the engine, but nothing is moving and then like a jolt it moves suddenly and not too swiftly. This would be the acceleration issue kicking in.

The sign described as your car shuddering will get your attention if the acceleration issue doesn’t. If you have ever heard of the dance “the Harlem Shake,” that is exactly what your car does. It will shake so much that you may think you got bad gas from somewhere. If that was the issue, you would be more pleased. The last of the six signs this one article mentioned was dirty transmission fluid. If you happen to check your fluid and notice this, suffice to say it could only add up to a torque converter issue if one or more of the other signs or symptoms are present. That’s why you would want to get your car checked by a professional if one or more of these problems are present. As you notice things out of the ordinary with your vehicle, the lesson is – check it out.