What is the role of physiotherapist and how can he help?

The roots of physiotherapy can be traced back to some 460BC and is also referred to as physical therapy. It mainly involves the use of massage techniques to bring about pain relief and healing. As per the physicians, the massage technique is really effective in pain management. If you suffer from a disease or there is pain in any region of the body, a physical therapist can help. By using physical techniques, physiotherapists reduce pain and curb discomfort. After an accident, a physical therapist restores body movement, reduces pain with the help of physical techniques. The role of a physical therapist is mainly to diagnose the condition, find the cause of pain. Pain may be associated to joint, muscles and nerve. The task of a physical therapist is also to show patients how to control the pain or discomfort.

What techniques are applied by physiotherapist?

To offer relief from pain and discomfort, a physical therapist may adopt certain techniques mentioned as follows:

  • joint manipulation technique and joint mobilization
  • stretches and exercises
  • soft tissue massage
  • breathing exercise
  • the use of cold and hot packs

Physical therapists can address a variety of conditions

Physiotherapy treatment can help to address a variety of conditions. They are:

  • neck pain and back pain
  • headache
  • incontinence
  • sports injuries and muscular aches
  • when recovering from surgery or body injury
  • prevention or management of any chronic condition like diabetes, asthma, COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease

When to approach a physical therapist?

If there has been a serious injury, a person may require the help of a physical therapist. It can restore normal body functioning and help to manage pain. Some of the areas that fall under this sort of treatment are joints, muscles, heart and lung functioning and blood circulation. In this sort of treatment, the physical therapist prescribes certain exercises that one needs to practice on a daily basis. There are times when the physical therapist is also able to treat patients having neurological problems. If there is any mental condition, then also a physical therapist can help. If there is any chronic condition due to an injury of the past, the physical therapist can help to ease the pain. To handle the short term and long term problems, a physical therapist adopts several techniques. He suggests you certain exercises that may be practiced daily. Massage is the first and foremost technique which helps to stimulate blood flow towards certain regions of the body. The therapist also uses certain machines to produce electrical impulses to treat injuries and manage associated pain. With the manipulation of hand movement, he tends to stimulates blood flow. If there is any long term condition you are suffering from, a physical therapist can stabilize the state to give support to injured or damaged regions.

Overcome physical illness

A physical therapist can help in overcoming physical illness. Whether the illness is long term or short term, the therapist can help. The treatment is effective for treating orthopedic conditions. Then, people nowadays suffer from lung diseases and heart diseases and physical therapist helps in treating them with physical therapy sessions. He also teaches the ways to remove mucus from the system with certain methods.

Physiotherapy near me can use the best techniques and treatment procedures to bring about relief from body pains, health conditions. The field is growing and ample developments can be noticed.

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