The Rise of Fiber Optics Technology and The Development of Telecommunication

Fiber optic technology has developed tremendously over the last 20 years and is now used daily in many applications, without even realizing it. Today, however, it is mainly used in the field of telecommunications and more specifically with the Internet to send digital information.

In the telecommunications field

In telecommunications, optical fiber is used for the transmission of information, be it telephone conversations, images or data. This is undoubtedly one of the areas in which the use of optical fiber is the most important and has the most future. The fibers are then used in particular for high-speed networks. Their transmission capacities reach speeds of the order of one gigabit per second with, for example, transatlantic cables, which are accompanied by very low attenuation. In addition, thanks to multiplexing, we reach the 100 Gbits/sec. Now that you will be having the best communication wire from you will be having the best deals there.

In the field of medicine

The first major use of optical fiber has been in medicine, it is still widely used today. It is used in medicine both to diagnose health problems and to treat certain diseases. For diagnosis, a fiber optic cable carries light inside the body. This light is reflected by the internal organs and is picked up by another fiber optic cable that routes this light to a video imaging system. It is therefore possible to have a high quality overview of what is happening in the body, in real time. An example of this use is the endoscope, which is particularly used in gastroenterology.

In the case of a treatment, the optical fiber is used to transport the intense light of a laser inside the human body where it will interact by thermal effect with the tissues: in surgery associated with a laser beam that allows spraying a kidney stone, cut a tumor or repair a retina for example.

In the field of lighting and measurement

Optical fiber has been a new application in measurement of some units. It can be used to measure the variations of parameters such as temperature or pressure. In the field of lighting, optical fiber is also widely used, it can be used in various applications such as architecture, landscaping or in homes. There are various forms of fiber optic lighting however the best known is the LED. Low in energy LED offers infinite possibilities in its use. Experts estimate that by 2020, LEDs could represent 75% of the lighting market. Fiber is widely used for areas such as interior decoration, marking, road signage and orientation.

So nowadays, optical fiber not only improves considerably the field of telecommunications, but we see nevertheless that it is present and effective in many other fields that is why it is a kind of “technology of the future “.