Pastor Chris Prepares Loveworld for 2018

The Holy Spirit was present as the Believers’ Loveworld family gathered on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the accomplishments of 2017 and all which the Lord has done for us. The cavernous auditorium was filled with believers and those drawing nearer to the light of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s ministry.

The evening was one of song and jubilation. Starting with a beautiful song dedicated to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The hall resonated to the lovely lyrics, “We lift up our hands to praise your sacred name,” cheerfully the assembly sang as one united chorus.

Next up was a well-presented reading of the evening’s itinerary. Followed by yet more singing. This time it was time for the congregation to lend its voice to the Believers’ World Anthem. As they concluded the man of God himself made his entry, and the crowd made no pretense at containing its enthusiastic approval for their spiritual father, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

After blessing the audience, Pastor Chris took a moment to chronical the many achievements which they have accomplished during 2017. The year which was quickly drawing to a close with each passing minute.

A highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Future African Leaders Award (FALA). The award is an honorary recognition of young leaders who are making a difference in their communities. 2017’s star prize winner went to Miss Naomi Ekpoki Aliya. The young lady was overcome by emotions as Pastor Chris personally presented her with her well-deserved trophy.

The gathering was then treated to live gospel music performed by South African international recording artist Martin Pk who sang his latest single “Beautiful Jesus.” The track for which he won the LIMA song of the year 2017.

Finally, Pastor Oyakhilome concluded the evening and the year by praying with and for all those gathered in the packed auditorium, and for those watching online. He encouraged everyone to strive to make the new year even better than the outgoing year by seeking out to those in need of prayer and divine grace.

Pastor Chris encouraged everyone to take advantage of social media to spread the word of God. Mentioning facebook, twitter, and KingsChat as mediums which we all can utilize to promote the ministry in 2018.

How you end a race can make all the difference in the outcome. So too, how we conclude the year can make all the difference also. But not only in the final accounting of the year that is ending. Those last few weeks, days, hours of the old year can affect the tempo and enthusiasm of the year to come. The way that Pastor Chris ended 2017 is a clear indication that he understands the power of a good ending and a healthy beginning. The two are connected although separated by 365 days.

This enjoyable evening left no doubt that Jesus Christ is with Dr. Chris Oyakhilome in all that he does, and that this man of God is a dedicated servant of the Lord this year, next year, and forever more – Amen.