Must-Have Qualities of a Rentable Tenant

Property owners and management companies work hard to find tenants that pay on time and don’t damage the rental property. Those tenants who clearly can show they meet this criterion are going to be first on the list of getting whatever rental space they want. If you’re thinking of renting space, you should ensure you have all the qualities listed above to set yourself up for as many rental options as possible.

The first trait of a good tenant is that they’re responsible. They pay their rent and utilities on time every single month. They care for the property by mowing the grass, pulling weeds, and making the property look habitable. This type of tenant will alert the property owner or management company of any issues that come up with the property, such as pest infestations or broken fixtures. A responsible tenant essentially treats their rental property with the same care they would their own home.

The next trait that is essential to becoming a rentable tenant is good credit history. Those who have a good credit score without any derogatory marks are going to be the most desirable tenants for any property management company. A good credit history showcases your ability to pay your bills on-time and be financially responsible. Those who have a poor credit score are going to have more trouble renting. A poor credit score is typically a result of poor money management habits and late payments to creditors. A property management company doesn’t want to sign a lease with a tenant who has a history of not paying their bills as they’re more likely to disregard paying their rent on-time.

Another factor that’s going to be considered when renting is your income level. If you don’t currently have a job, the property management company is unlikely to allow you to rent a property. They want proof that you’re consistently making money so that you can pay your rent. Tenants who have spotty income are more likely to not pay rent and could end up costing the property owner fees for eviction and property damage. Property management firms try to eliminate these risks by finding tenants who have an income that supports well over what the monthly rental fee is.

A great tenant has a spotless rental history and is completely honest to the property management company. If you’ve had trouble in your past, you should be completely honest with the management company upfront. They will likely call the previous rentals that you lived in to see what type of tenant you were. You can use this to your advantage by including all the past rentals you’ve been in and your good history with the property owners. A tenant representation service, such as, will be able to help you in creating this past history presentation to show any new property management company.

Getting approved to be a tenant in a property that you enjoy takes more than just applying. Property owners and property management companies are looking for great tenants who can pay rent and be respectful of the property. By having all the traits listed out above, you’ll be sure to set yourself up for getting whatever rental you have your eye set on.