Comfort Women, South Korea and Japan

People who walk by the Japanese embassy located in Seoul, South Korea often see a conspicuous statue. This statue displays a woman who is seated. Her hands are situated in her lap. She helps people in South Korea remember the concept of Korean comfort women. It’s a source of awkwardness for the people of Japan as well. Japan rounded up thousands of Korean females and placed them in brothels for purposes of their own use. This occurred in the years from 1910 to 1945. The goal behind placing these individuals inside of brothels was to provide its army members with sexual outlets. Korea was a colony of Japan during this specific time period. It ceased being a Japanese colony, however, in 1945. This was precisely when World War II came to a close.

People in South Korea still pay close attention to this notable statue. A civic organization erected this statue several years ago. It’s a group that’s devoted to acknowledging military sexual slavery and how it negatively affected the women of Korea. People who walk by this sculpture sometimes see a cardigan on it. People who come across it sometimes lovingly put garments on the woman’s shoulders. It isn’t at all unusual to see wool scarves on her neck, either. People who view this statue often feel many emotions all at the same time. This statue makes people feel sad and unpleasant in a range of different ways, too.

There currently is a sister statue in place. This statue exists right in front of Busan’s Japanese consulate. Busan has the distinction of being among South Korea’s biggest cities. The Committee of Youth for Erecting a Peace Monument is the name of the group that was responsible for the addition of this statue. This group has nothing to do with the government in any way. The establishment of this statue has brought on a big rift in South Korean and Japanese interactions right now. The government in Busan originally made the decision to do away with the statue entirely. Tomomi Inada is a female who serves as the Defense Minister in Japan. She went to the Yasukuni Shrine Memorial. This is a place that’s dedicated to war heroes who come from Japan. People in Seoul thought that this action was totally insensitive and inappropriate. They didn’t take action after noticing that the status was in place yet again, either.

All of this has made the citizens of Japan extremely unhappy. Shinzo Abe is the East Asian nation’s Prime Minister. He requested the biggest diplomats located in both Busan and Seoul to come back to Japan. People in Tokyo talked about doing away with discussions that involved currency matters as well. These upcoming discussions aimed to potentially safeguard the Korean won from significant and problematic changes.

Japan doesn’t feel good about all of these developments. It didn’t see any of these developments coming, either. The nation believed that it had been able to encourage the public to forget about the things that had happened so many decades ago. That doesn’t seem to be the case, though. It wasn’t too long ago that both nations came to a conclusion regarding the situation. Japan said sorry for the Korean comfort women situation. Testimonies about the situation were plentiful and detailed. These comfort women testimonies revealed a lot, too. Japan even compensated some the victims of the unfortunate situation. There aren’t even 50 women alive who went through it. It’s critical to note, though, that several remaining comfort women absolutely refused to take the money. They simply were not comfortable receiving it. Some South Koreans aren’t fully satisfied.