10 Must Know Facts about Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a kind of autoimmune, neurological disease, which typically affects the nerves of the body. With multiple sclerosis, the immune system attacks the body’s own myelin, which is typically responsible for protecting the nerves from any kind of injury. These unprotected nerves are damaged, reducing their functionality to almost zero percent. Such destruction further produces a host of symptoms to surface, which typically vary in severity.

Here, in this post, we’ve mentioned some interesting facts about multiple sclerosis.

  1. It is a Chronic Condition

Just like any other autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis too is a chronic condition. This means that it’s a long-lasting illness and there’s no such cure available for it. That said, it’s also important to note that multiple sclerosis is not fatal in almost 80 percent of its cases. Most of the people with this autoimmune, neurological condition have a standard life expectancy. Only a handful … Read the rest

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What is the role of physiotherapist and how can he help?

The roots of physiotherapy can be traced back to some 460BC and is also referred to as physical therapy. It mainly involves the use of massage techniques to bring about pain relief and healing. As per the physicians, the massage technique is really effective in pain management. If you suffer from a disease or there is pain in any region of the body, a physical therapist can help. By using physical techniques, physiotherapists reduce pain and curb discomfort. After an accident, a physical therapist restores body movement, reduces pain with the help of physical techniques. The role of a physical therapist is mainly to diagnose the condition, find the cause of pain. Pain may be associated to joint, muscles and nerve. The task of a physical therapist is also to show patients how to control the pain or discomfort.

What techniques are applied by physiotherapist?

To offer relief from pain … Read the rest

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The various perks associated with TB vaccination or vaccinating a person against tuberculosis

Prevention is better than cure. If you are able to take necessary steps to avoid a medical condition, you will end up saving a lot of money in the long run. Vaccinating to prevent tuberculosis can help to avoid the deadly disease. The cost of treating tuberculosis is much higher than vaccinating the person against TB. It is generally the homeless people who must be vaccinated as they are at a higher risk of getting it. Through vaccination, antigens are introduced into the bloodstream whereby the immunity system starts reacting to the bacteria of TB. The immunity system makes antibodies that finally kill the bacteria or tend to inactivate them. Here in lays the chief benefit of TB vaccination.

In what forms vaccination may be taken?

They may be introduced to the bloodstream by way of shots. The liquid can be taken from the mouth or administered as intranasal … Read the rest

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Infertility treatment options in India:

India is the land for most of the medical treatments like complicated heart and kidney surgeries. India is also the place where the world’s second test tube baby was born. Dr.Subhash Mukhopadhyay created history by performing the world’s 2nd successful IVF treatment. At present, there are more than 20 IVF babies born every day. This is the success of an IVF treatment which has evolved over the years and India is one of the most successful nations in performing IVF over the years. But that there is more to this. Infertility awareness is the least in India which such a good historical background in performing IVF. Also, infertility was a socially black mark and IVF is considered as a taboo.

It took years for people to become comfortable with infertility. The fact that infertility is considered as a disability, people maintained this as a secret. They waited for years … Read the rest

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